The battle of the mind

In the days in which we live, we have so many worries in our minds … that if I have to pay for the house, the school, buy food, clothes, clean the house, attend to the husband, the children, go to church and so many others things that we have to do, that are part of our daily life. When we have to read the Bible and pray it gives us a terrible dream and we can hardly concentrate on what will truly feed our soul. Many times we forget things, we can not concentrate on what we are doing, we go to the garage or to a room to look for something and then we scratch our heads and say that I came here? Not my brother, it’s not Alzheimer’s, it’s that the mind is very exhausted and we can not concentrate, it’s that we have “A battle in the Mind”.

You will ask, Pastor Luis, how can I improve on this? Easy, you just have to learn to trust more in our God. Many times the lack of trust in the Lord prevents us from seeing things more clearly, for example, remember Marta (Luke 10 see 38 to 42) very busy and Mary attending to their Lord while Marta was busy to receive the Master? Well, the Master had already arrived at his house … Many times our minds are so charged and a pitched battle with everyone around us and the Lord reminding and telling us “Cast on me your burden that I will carry”

It’s time to free your mind, to be free of your own prison, to be free of those suicidal thoughts of guilt, hatred and resentment with others of what I could be and am not. It is time that you begin to pray and declare the word, begin to take steps of giants, renew your mind every day, as the Apostle Paul says in Romans 12: 2 “Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by means of the RENEWAL of our UNDERSTANDING, so that you can verify what the will of God is pleasing and PERFECT ”

It’s time for you to get up, do not die as Gallina being an Eagle “RENEW YOUR MIND”.

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